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The everyday use of smartphones and tablets to access business systems has changed the corporate connectivity landscape. Alongside more traditional laptops and PCs, a mix of company and personally owned (BYOD) mobile devices are accessing business systems and the sensitive data they hold. Today’s mobile workforce demands access to business systems from any convenient location, using whatever device and network connectivity they have available at the time.

To ensure that users get the safe access they need and the business remains protected from roguedevice requests, business organizations need mobile-focused protection systems that deal directly with device security issues rather than treat it as an extension of a Windows-first endpoint protection strategy.

The Cyber adAPT platform focuses on business-connected mobile users and their requirement for safe and uninhibited access, and the need to protect business systems from infected devices. This new, and far from the norm, approach to device and business protection adds the security layer that is often missing from enterprise mobility management (EMM) deployments.

Secure access for mobile users

Key messages

  •  The Cyber adAPT platform offers all-round cybersecurity, attack detection, and mobile threat protection; it oversees device and network security prevention, detection, and remediation issues.
  • The Secure Device Management (SDM) component provides the platform's central management capabilities, delivering secure communication and authentication based on Internet Protocol Security (IPSec).
  • The Cyber adAPT platform provides cyber-attack intelligence; it identifies malicious activities by inspecting the contents of all traffic-flow packets. 
Cyber adAPT

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