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Cursor provides a code catalog and collaborative platform so that analysts can easily find the code they need, when they need it, for higher productivity. Cursor Enterprise edition, now available, rounds out capabilities for security and deeper integration.


  • Cursor provides a collaborative catalog for code, primarily SQL, helping business analysts work more efficiently and eliminate duplicative work/queries.
  • Cursor is available in two versions: Cursor Core, a free edition, and Cursor Enterprise, a paid edition that offers deeper controls for integration and security.
  • Cursor integrates with many existing environments containing enterprise data. These include SQL databases like Microsoft SQL and Snowflake, BI platforms like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, and SaaS ecosystems like Salesforce.

Features and Benefits

  • Assesses the code catalog functionality of the Cursor product, analyzing its role in the collaborative ecosystem of the enterprise.
  • Evaluates the role of SQL code and SQL skills in the modern analytics ecosystem.
  • Compares data catalog functionality, examining the role of a catalog designed specifically for SQL code.
  • Compares the functionality and features of the Cursor Core and Cursor Enterprise edition offerings.
  • Assesses the challenges facing typical data analysts in the enterprise as they work to leverage SQL code and queries.

Key questions answered

  • What are the key differences between the free Cursor Core offering and the paid Cursor Enterprise edition?
  • Why does modern data catalog functionality often fail to meet the needs of data analysts who are working with SQL code?
  • What integrations are available in the Cursor ecosystem?
  • What strategic considerations does Cursor need to make to stay relevant in the data catalog market?
  • What potential differentiators does Cursor have in the data catalog market?

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