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UCP supports the lifecycle of user consent, ensuring confidentiality and user-defined control over the use of data, and providing the means to enable user interfaces to be GDPR-compliant.


  • UCP scans client sites and auto-populates a list of all vendors with trackers, enabling users to approve or deny their access and use of information
  • The solution is supported by a database of more than 5,000 tracking scripts to ensure that all scripts encountered can be identified and appropriately handled.

Features and Benefits

  • Understand that the platform has very broad applicability and offers a rapid, simple way to conform to various legislative guidelines and laws.
  • Understand that keeping users’ consent consistent with changes underlying a website would be particularly challenging for enterprises without the capabilities available from Crownpeak.

Key questions answered

  • How can my organization comply with the consent obligations imposed by GDPR?
  • How can we maintain the quality of user experience while forced to interject with consent-related questions?

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Recommendations for enterprises

  • Why put Crownpeak Universal Consent Platform on your radar?


  • How the solution works
  • Architecture
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