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PacketFront Software's solution enables accelerated service delivery for CSPs by allowing customers to request services and have them delivered in seconds, rather than days or weeks.


  • PacketFront Software enables end-to-end network automation for service provisioning, activation, and resource management.
  • PacketFront Software's core products are BECS for network orchestration and Broadband Business Engine (BBE) for customer management. A combination of the two products allows customers to request new services and have them delivered within shorter time frames than those of traditional CSP service delivery processes.

Features and Benefits

  • Highlights how PacketFront Software's solution enables network automation.
  • Provides insights on PacketFront Software's future development plans.

Key questions answered

  • What challenges is PacketFront Software solving for CSPs?
  • How does PacketFront Software achieve network automation for CSPs?

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Recommendations for CSPs

  • Why put PacketFront Software on your radar?


  • Background
  • Current position
  • Future development

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