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Avexta’s DataSense tackles the challenge of duplicate and near-duplicate records by using text indexing and near-real-time probabilistic scoring to find likely matches in string data.


  • Avexta DataSense seeks to help SMEs resolve the challenge of near-duplicate, similar data entries which need to be associated with a single person, customer, or entity.
  • Operating as middleware, DataSense uses APIs and can be deployed within an existing IT environment or in the cloud.
  • DataSense can index millions of records, and the Big Data Enterprise license allows unlimited node indexing and 20 million records per search index.

Features and Benefits

  • Analyzes the causes and prevalence of the core challenge of data duplication, and evaluates its detrimental impact on 360-degree initiatives.
  • Assesses the history and development of the Avexta DataSense product offering over the last several years.
  • Identifies the key target market and ideal organization size for Avexta DataSense's capabilities.
  • Compares Avexta's available product and services offerings, and assesses their role in working together to improve data quality and data protection.
  • Evaluates Avexta DataSense's architecture and ability to integrate into existing IT environments.

Key questions answered

  • Why is data duplication and near-duplication a perennial problem for organizations, and why is it incompatible with the pursuit of a 360-degree view?
  • How is Avexta's DataSense offering different from the many existing products on the market that offer data matching and deduplication?
  • What size and type of organization will benefit most from the implementation of the Avexta DataSense product?
  • What type of technology does Avexta DataSense leverage to integrate with existing IT environments, and what type of technology is used for automated data matching?
  • What are Avexta DataSense's capabilities beyond data matching, merging, and deduplication?

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