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As PON moves beyond FTTH to xHaul (MBH and/or MFH), its requirements change, leading to a proliferation of PON types and little likelihood for industry-wide convergence.


  • We are seeing divergence among very large CSPs, leading to a proliferation of PON types including the already standardized NG-PON2, the to-be-standardized 50G PON, and currently nonstandard approaches including WDM PON

Features and Benefits

  • This research note assesses the types of PON being explored to support 5G xHaul (mobile backhaul and mobile fronthaul)
  • Learn about the different approaches and the reasons behind the different approaches for next-gen PON's nonresidential applications.

Key questions answered

  • Why is the proliferation of PON types for xHaul?
  • What are the challenges for using regular TDM-PON (GPON, EPON) for MBH and MFH?
  • Which operators are looking at which types of PON?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Large-scale FTTH required standardization and second sources
  • xHaul is not the same as FTTH PON
  • There is already PON divergence but it will likely proliferate
  • Vendors must prepare for divergence in next-next-gen PON


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