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This update provides a detailed analysis of all the Netherlands' main music industry sectors.


  • After more than a decade of falling trade revenue from recorded-music sales, the Netherlands is experiencing a sustained period of growth.
  • For the last three years, trade revenue has risen sharply, and further growth is expected for this year and beyond.

Features and Benefits

  • Details all the major music industry sectors in The Netherlands.
  • Covers sectors including recorded music, digital music retail, live, authors' and performance rights, and digital infrastructure.

Key questions answered

  • Which of the three major labels registered market share growth in 2017?
  • What is the biggest revenue generator for Dutch authors and publishers?

Table of contents


  • In brief

Recorded music

  • Three years of trade revenue growth

Music retail

  • Subscription share of retail sales set to rise
  • Digital infrastructure and access developments

Rights administration and royalty collections

  • Rise in collections for BUMA and STEMRA
  • Return to growth for SENA


  • Rise in visitors and revenue


  • Methodology
  • Author