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The pros and cons of Netflix's rumored move into news

A new report suggests that the streaming giant might be in the process of developing its own current affairs show focused on providing neutral news coverage. Senior Staff Writer Jon Porter weighs up the pros and cons.

In recent years, Netflix has developed a reputation for its prestige TV shows, but a report from MarketWatch suggests the streaming giant may be eyeing up the opportunity of producing a traditional news show. 

Given the amount of money the streaming service has at its disposal, its not unreasonable to think that its budget could stretch to the demands of a recurring news segment, and for Ovum analyst Tony Gunnarsson, the move makes “perfect sense.”

“Let’s not forget that the key thing that Netflix always looks for in its quest for original content, is content that focuses on subjects that are perhaps less likely to be portrayed or discussed on traditional TV – whether political, sexual, gender or identity issues, futuristic and visual-stunning drama etc,” Gunnarsson observes.

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