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Exploring the key developments from MWC

More than 20 analysts and consultants from Ovum were be in Barcelona at MWC, speaking, moderating and judging on industry panels.

After taking stock of what they learned, four key members of the team gathered together in a live webinar to address the key developments from MWC 2018 and the implications these will have on our market.



Ovum analysts speaking in the Post MWC 2018 webinar


Camille Mendler

Chief Analyst, Enterprise Services UK 24 + years experience
Specialities include Digital Transformation, Bundling Strategy, Enterprise services: SoHos and SMEs, Cloud and Virtualization, B2B Segmentation
Products covered Service Providers

Eden Zoller

Principal Analyst, Smart Living UK 26 + years experience
Specialities include OTT, Process Automation and AI, Data Monetisation, ServiceProvider, Mobile Payments, Smart Home
Products covered Media & Entertainment

Alexander Harrowell

Senior Analyst, SoHo and SME, IT and Telecoms UK 13 + years experience
Products covered Service Providers

Daryl Schoolar

Practice Leader, Next Generation Infrastructure USA 20 + years experience
Specialities include Radio Access Market
Products covered Service Providers

Dario Talmesio

Principal Analyst & Practice Leader UK 17 + years experience
Specialities include Telco Strategies
Products covered Service Providers

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