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The Mobile World Congress (MWC) takes place in Barcelona next week (February 27–March 2) and will see both traditional service providers and internet players announce new services, relationships, and technologies.

MWC 2017 marks a further shift in the evolution of the industry, toward the current situation where the internet is everywhere, every-”thing” is smart, and machines are ever more intelligent. As each year passes, the conference feels less like a mobile communications congress and more like an event geared toward the internet and its emerging technologies.

In 2017, we expect that most digital service providers will pitch new entertainment services through relationships with content providers and internet-based platforms. Many service providers will also set out their vision of smart home and will tout new platform relationships with Alexa and Siri. On the other hand, the internet players, through their own digital services strategies, will be seeking to position their platforms to the service provider community in order to extend their subscriber base.

The world of entertainment and content will also be the source of hot debate. Netflix will lead the charge, with CEO Reed Hastings launching a charm offensive aimed at striking a variety of partnerships with mobile operators. Major media groups will also be in force, presenting new ways of packaging their conventional TV and digital video content for the telecoms industry.

MWC 2017: what to expect

This report highlights:

  • The key overarching industry trends to follow at the conference
  • Our top picks for keynote presentations
  • 12 top trends to watch at MWC 2017
MWC report

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