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This research note contains the first roundup of music statistics analysis for January 2020.


  • The number of URL takedown requests sent by rights holders to Google ended 2019 at 4.41 billion, up from 3.89 billion in 2018.

Features and Benefits

  • Details music statistics for the first two weeks of 2020.
  • Examines Google URL removals, MCSK collections, SiriusXM subscribers, Germany streams, and Canadian music consumption.

Key questions answered

  • What streaming milestone was reached in Germany in 2019?
  • What share of Canadian music consumption came from audio streams last year?

Table of contents

Google URL removals, MCSK collections, SiriusXM subscriptions, Germany streams, Canada music consumption

  • BPI closing in on half a billion Google URL removal requests
  • Troubled MCSK reports rise in collections
  • SiriusXM beats subscription guidance
  • Audio streams in Germany top 100 billion
  • Positive year for Canadian recorded-music consumption


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