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This research note contains the second roundup of music statistics analysis for July 2019.


  • French major and independent producers' society SCPP registered an increase in revenue last year, after a slight dip in 2017.

Features and Benefits

  • Contains music statistics, financials, and collection results published in the last two weeks.
  • Includes details of streams served in the UK, global live sales results, internet advertising, US radio listening, and French producers' performance rights.

Key questions answered

  • How many audio streams were served in the first half of this year?
  • How did the two French performance rights societies perform last year compared with 2017?

Table of contents

UK streams served, global live, internet advertising, US radio, French producers' performance rights

  • Slowdown in growth rate of streams served in the UK
  • Fall in live gross takings and ticket sales
  • Internet set to surpass 50% of total ad spend
  • Rising number of US consumers listening to radio
  • Positive year for producers' performance rights in France


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