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This research note contains the first roundup of music statistics analysis for March 2019.


  • New figures published by Japanese recorded-music trade association the RIAJ show that the trade value of digital music sales increased 12.5% in 2018, to JPY64.466bn ($584.1m), from JPY57.297bn in 2017.
  • Global events company Live Nation Entertainment (LNE) has reported its eighth consecutive record financial year.
  • Mexican entertainment company Corporacion Interamericana de Entretenimiento (CIE) has reported a positive year, with total revenue benefiting from both its entertainment and events sectors.

Features and Benefits

  • Details the latest music statistics news from the last two weeks.
  • Analyzes Japanese digital music sales; Live Nation, CIE, and T4F financials; US streaming; Hungama metrics; and US audio brands

Key questions answered

  • What share of Japanese digital music sales came from streaming last year?
  • What is the most popular music genre streamed by Indian digital music service Hungama?

Table of contents

Japan digital, Live Nation, CIE, and T4F financials; US streaming; Hungama metrics; US audio brands

  • Audio subscriptions lead digital sales in Japan
  • Eighth consecutive record year for Live Nation
  • Entertainment and events boost CIE financials
  • Positive end to the year for Time For Fun
  • Spotify closes in on YouTube for US share of listening
  • Hungama details streaming metrics and listening trends
  • Pandora maintains audio brand awareness lead in the US


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