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This research note is the first roundup of music statistics analysis for January.


  • UMG strengthened its position as the biggest music company in the UK last year, with an increased market share of total album equivalent sales.

Features and Benefits

  • Details the latest music statistics news from the last two weeks.
  • Includes UK market shares, SiriusXM year-end subscriber figures, network traffic forecasts, Google year-end URL removals, Canada music consumption, and UK classical music sales details.

Key questions answered

  • How did the major labels' UK market shares change in 2018?
  • What share of Canadian music consumption last year came from music streaming?

Table of contents

UK market share, SiriusXM, network traffic, URL removals, Canada music consumption, UK classical

  • UMG increases market share lead in UK
  • SiriusXM beats 2018 subscriber guidance
  • Video to increase future network traffic dominance
  • 4shared the Google URL removal request domain leader
  • Music consumption growth in Canada
  • BPI champions classical music gains


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