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This is the second roundup of music statistics analysis for June.


  • Icelandic collection society STEF has reported that its total income increased 12.4% last year, to ISK755.8m ($7.1m), from ISK672.6m in 2016
  • New figures published by the live music news service IQ shows ticket sales to music events at European arenas increased 21.8% last year, to €1,057.6m ($1,362.8m), from €868.5m in 2016.

Features and Benefits

  • Details the latest music statistics and financial results published in the last two weeks.
  • Covers STEF and AKKA/LAA collections, SoundExchange distributions, and Saregama and Saavn financial results.

Key questions answered

  • What share of STEF collections is generated by digital?
  • How did SoundExchange distributions in the first quarter of this year compare with previous years?

Table of contents

STEF revenue, European arenas, Saregama earnings, AKKA/LAA income, SoundExchange, and Saavn results

  • Domestic collection growth for STEF
  • Ticket sales to music events at European arenas top €1bn
  • Big jump in music revenue for Saregama
  • Solid year for royalty collections in Latvia
  • Positive first-quarter for SoundExchange
  • Rising revenue and profit for Saavn


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