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This is the second roundup of music statistics analysis for May.


  • Figures published by the All Japan Concert & Live Entertainment Promoters Conference (ACPC) show total spending on live performance increased 7.2% last year, to JPY332.4bn ($2.97bn), from JPY310.1bn in 2016.

Features and Benefits

  • Details the last two weeks of music company financials and statistics.
  • Examines Japan's live sector, Czech and Slovakian market shares, PPL, Axex, T4F, and CIE financials, and UK digital radio figures.

Key questions answered

  • How did Japan's live music industry perform in 2017?
  • What share of radio listeners in the UK listen via a digital radio receiver?

Table of contents

Japan live, Czech and Slovakian market shares, PPL, Avex, T4F, CIE, UK digital radio

  • Return to growth for Japan's live music sector
  • UMG the market share leader in Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Collection growth at home and abroad for PPL
  • Live music the star performer for Avex Group
  • Events and sponsorship boost T4F financials
  • Strong first quarter for CIE
  • UK digital radio share reaches new milestone


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