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Ovum's Multisubscription TV Forecast represents a completely new way of examining the entertainment market. By looking at the intersection of Ovum's pay-TV and OTT video forecasts we can quantify and understand, for the first time, how households are collating video services from multiple providers.


  • As recently as 2014, 94% of household video choices were exclusively based around traditional TV. During 2018, that figure dropped below 80% and Ovum expects the trend to continue, with standalone traditional TV accounting for just 68% of household video choices in 2023.
  • While traditional TV as a standalone choice is diminishing, it will remain a highly important part of the home entertainment mix. By 2023, OTT video will be in 579 million households, but more than 95% of those subscriptions will be alongside a traditional TV service.

Features and Benefits

  • Assess how home entertainment choices are evolving as traditional pay-TV services face up against intense competition from OTT video giants such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  • Gain detailed data and forecasts showing how TV and OTT video penetration patterns are changing across 20 countries.

Key questions answered

  • How will households with OTT video change their composition over time?
  • How will households with free TV change their composition over time?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Multisubscription TV Forecast: 2018–23