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Millicom continues to focus on expanding its cable footprint across Latin America, with a spree of cable acquisitions. The latest such move is its acquisition of a majority stake in Cable Onda, the largest cable and fixed telecommunications service provider in Panama.


  • Millicom is heading toward an exit from Africa as it shifts its focus to Latin America. After selling off its units in DR Congo, Senegal, Ghana, and Rwanda, the group is planning to sell its remaining units in Chad and Tanzania to Zimbabwean telecoms firm Econet.

Features and Benefits

  • Analyzes Millicom’s strategy as it heads toward its planned exit from African markets.
  • Evaluates Millicom’s recent acquisitions in Central America and the strategy behind them.

Key questions answered

  • Why is Millicom offloading its business units in Africa and shifting its focus toward Latin America?
  • How does Millicom plan to transform itself into an ICT service provider?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • Heading toward an exit from Africa, with focus shifting to Latin America
  • Expanding cable footprint in Central America with a spree of targeted acquisitions
  • Steadily transforming into a digital services provider


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