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An attempt by Miley Cyrus, her songwriting partners, and her record company to dismiss a plagiarism claim by Jamaican singer songwriter Michael May has failed.


  • Accusations of music plagiarism, and consequent legal claims, are on the rise.

Features and Benefits

  • The research note details the latest attempt by Miley Cyrus and her coauthors and record company to have a plagiarism case against her dismissed.
  • The note explains the arguments made and why the attempt was denied.

Key questions answered

  • Why are Miley Cyrus and her coauthors and record company being sued for plagiarism?
  • What are the reasons behind the attempt to have the case dismissed?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Music plagiarism, and the rise in legal claims
  • Copying a distinct lyric or phrase
  • Judge denies motion to dismiss


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