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Massive MIMO will be widely adopted in 5G networks, but its deployment will be concentrated in those areas where the greatest improvements in coverage and capacity are possible.


  • Vendors report that 5G performance gains with massive MIMO can be significantly greater than those achieved with 4G when using the same frequency band, under the same conditions.
  • Unit shipments of massive MIMO for 5G are already growing significantly. Deployments in the mid band frequencies are typically using 32TR or 64TR massive MIMO antenna arrays.

Features and Benefits

  • Sets out which variants of massive MIMO are being used, in which scenarios, and with which bands.
  • Details what progress is being made in both the technical performance of massive MIMO, and in its deployment in commercial networks.

Key questions answered

  • How are advances in beamforming helping to enhance performance in massive MIMO systems?
  • How are vendors developing their antenna products in order to support massive MIMO and 5G?

Table of contents


  • Catalyst
  • Ovum view
  • Key findings

Market status

  • Massive MIMO is supporting the transition from 4G to 5G
  • Massive MIMO adoption for 5G

Market Dynamics

  • Progress on TDD and FDD
  • Massive MIMO performance and challenges
  • Massive MIMO vendor updates


  • Methodology
  • Further reading
  • Author