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This M&As tracker documents M&As by the telecom operators that occurred during 2016–18. Pending, completed, and aborted M&As are also tracked.


  • Ovum's M&As in Europe Tracker: 2016–18 highlights that out of 81 deals in the last two years, around 40% were centered on FMC activities.
  • Consolidation continues, as fixed and wireless becomes more integrated.

Features and Benefits

  • Quantifies the volume of telecom M&As over the past two years in terms of deal volume and deal value.
  • Identifies the reason behind the deals, asking what drives deals, and how will M&A evolve going forward?

Key questions answered

  • How many M&As have there been in the European telecom market over the past two years?
  • How many deals are in the process or pending with the regulator?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: M&As in Europe Tracker: 2016–18