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The broadband access market share unit spreadsheet shows equipment volumes by segment: PON, DSL + Gfast, and CMTS + CCAP. Share is calculated by product-level groupings within each segment. Volumes for each segment are captured and reported by region.


  • In 1Q18, PON shipments decreased 1% sequentially and grew 18% from the 1Q17 level. DSL + Gfast shipments were grew 10% sequentially and declined 19% versus last year's level. CMTS + CCAP shipments were up 25% sequentially and declined 12% when compared with 1Q17.

Features and Benefits

  • Identifies business opportunities within specific regions.
  • Includes market share data for planning, competitive intelligence, and marketing.

Key questions answered

  • Which are the key vendors in broadband access by region?
  • What are the trends in broadband access market share by region?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Market Share Spreadsheet: 1Q18 PON, DSL + Gfast, and CMTS + CCAP (Units)