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Wireline broadband access equipment revenues were strong again in 2017 at $8.5bn for the year.


  • Next-gen broadband equipment is shipping for fiber, copper, and coax.
  • NG-PON2 commercial shipments will begin in 2018.
  • China will continue to play a large role in the broadband access market and drive PON shipments.

Features and Benefits

  • Compares results for 2017 versus 2016 for FTTx PON, xDSL/Gfast, and CMTS/CCAP.
  • Analyzes 4Q17 results versus the sequential and YoY quarters.
  • Assesses market share for vendors by equipment type and region.
  • Examines unit shipments and revenues.

Key questions answered

  • How did the FTTx PON equipment market perform in 2017? Did it continue to increase?
  • Is next-gen PON equipment shipping and if so, which type?
  • Did Gfast begin to ship in 2017?
  • How were DOCSIS 3.1 equipment shipments in 2017?

Table of contents


  • In brief
  • Ovum view

2017 results

  • Solid 2017, fueled by continued FTTx PON growth

Market share – 2017 versus 2016

  • Huawei loses some share, but remains dominant
  • Analysis of 4Q17 revenues

FTTx PON results and market share changes

  • 4Q17 and 2017 PON revenues were strong
  • FTTx PON market share and changes
  • 4Q17 and 2017 FTTx PON equipment revenues
  • 4Q17 and 2017 FTTx PON shipments

DSL/Gfast results and market share changes

  • 2017 DSL/Gfast revenues remained flat versus 2016, 4Q16 saw significant decline sequential and YoY
  • DSL market share and changes
  • 2017 and 4Q17 DSL/Gfast shipments
  • DSL product-level analysis by region
  • DSL shipment analysis by region, by vendor

CMTS/CCAP results and market share changes

  • CMTS/CCAP revenues for 2017 in line with previous year
  • CMTS/CCAP market share and changes
  • 2017 and 4Q17 shipments

Market trends

  • The outlook for 2018 is good


  • Methodology
  • Further reading
  • Author