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Among US operators, AT&T has plans to be first to launch mobile 5G, in a few cities in 2018, while Verizon will launch pre-standard fixed-wireless 5G in a few cities in 2018 as well. Sprint plans a nationwide mobile 5G network by early 2019, and T-Mobile will begin deploying one in 2019, with plans to be nationwide by 2020.


  • There are a variety of deployment strategies being used for 5G in the US.
  • Sprint and T-Mobile have the most detailed plans for 5G as of May 2018.
  • In the midst of 5G planning, T-Mobile and Sprint announced plans to merge.

Features and Benefits

  • Compare the 5G deployment plans of major US mobile operators.
  • Learn which spectrum major US operators plan to use for 5G.
  • Analyze 5G forecasts by US operator.

Key questions answered

  • Who will be first to launch a mobile 5G network in the US, and who will launch first with fixed 5G?
  • Who will be first to have a nationwide mobile 5G network in the US?
  • How might the proposed merger between T-Mobile and Sprint change their 5G plans?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • Getting the edge on competition in 5G
  • US operators define different 5G goals
  • How to be competitive in 5G with different deployment strategies


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