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Audiences have taken to watching live streams of performances at leading festivals and concert venues, with the likes of Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, and Live Nation among those embracing the format.


  • However, simple live streaming may not be enough to win over music fans in the long term; further innovation is needed to make it a highly engaging medium.
  • Live-streamed music performances are currently racking up some very impressive viewing metrics. US-based EDM operator Ultra Music Festival, which has expanded dramatically from its Florida base to put on 45 events a year in 20 countries for an aggregate audience of 1 million, has embraced the medium.

Features and Benefits

  • Describes the latest activity in the live-streaming sector and identifies which players are making most of the running.
  • Reveals how live streaming can become a core product.

Key questions answered

  • Which companies are making the most of live streaming?
  • What does the sector need to become more advanced and immersive?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • Interest in live streaming gathers pace
  • LiveXLive set to make live streaming a core product
  • Refining content and the user experience


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