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Ovum's 2018/19 ICT Enterprise Insights survey revealed that unification of data management to enhance time to market, personalized UX/UI, and diversification of monetization avenues via accelerating ARPA (average revenue per advertiser) will be the top three multiscreen TV and video business priorities for more than one-third (between 37% and 40%) of premium content owners in the next 18 months. Another priority will be building highly scalable, cost-effective, and unified multiscreen TV and video services using next generation-cloud TV and video platforms to reduce long-term inefficiencies. Kaltura has been an early mover in the cloud TV and video platform space, with capabilities built on well-balanced in-house and partner-led functionality enabling it to accelerate penetration across premium content owners. Recently, the company signed strategic partnerships with 3SS, Innovid, and Dativa to improve functionalities across three pivotal workflows across the content supply chain. Ovum believes that vertical expansion of the partner ecosystem across big data (unified data lake), monetization (contextual ad placement across digital user lifecycle), and engagement (personalized UX/UI) will enable Kaltura to enhance both regional and local customer retention rates in the long term.

Clustered partner ecosystem approach is essential differentiator for cloud TV and video platforms

Historically, cloud TV and video platform providers have followed a “technology gap”-centric strategic partnership and alliances portfolio enhancement roadmap. An example of this is when a lack of data warehousing capabilities means an organization has to form a strategic partnership to fill the functionality gap. This traditional road-map is insufficient now because of demand for a “business value”-centric approach that includes the addition of newer partners based on improving operational efficiencies, unified data management capabilities to enhance time to market, delivering unprecedented QoS/QoE, streamlining media preparation workflow, supporting hybrid monetization avenues, and multifaceted personalization of the audience lifecycle. In the past couple of months, Kaltura has placed data-driven targeted TV engagement as a core business value to extend its cloud TV and video platform-centric partner ecosystem to include 3SS, Dativa, and Innovid.

  • 3SS (media engagement) provides tight integration of 3Ready with Kaltura’s Targeted TV solution to offer highly tailored UX/UI.

  • Dativa (media acquisition) enables the creation of unified data warehousing (lake) infrastructure essential for streamlining the customer segmentation, and analytics workflow from multiple third-party and internal repositories specially optimized for TV.

  • Innovid (media monetization) provides contextual promo and ad placement for individual digital users across its multiple lifecycle touch points from order to activation to retention. This includes interactive promotional campaigns, tailored pricing, payment options, and e-commerce integration.

Most premium content owners are focusing on building highly customized monetization and engagement-based multiscreen TV and video services to improve their average revenue per user (ARPU) and average revenue per advertiser (ARPA) KPIs. Kaltura’s clustered partner ecosystem extension approach is well positioned to meet this requirement. This will enable it to expand into new cloud TV and video transformation customer segments, particularly from traditional digital service providers (cable TV, satellite TV, and Telco-OTT) and also D2C-first segments such as OTT live streaming and sports franchises. Furthermore, the clustered road-map will enable Kaltura’s customers to:

  • Real-time expansion of single media asset reach (shorter lead time to data insights attributed to TV data lake infrastructure built in collaboration with Dativa).

  • Launch hybrid monetization avenues tailored to markets, customer segmentation mix, devices, and regional economic factors (Innovid’s comprehensive monetization capabilities to place targeted ads, interactive promotional campaigns in streams and applications) .

  • Protect churn on a continuous (proactive rather than reactive) basis and 3SS-customized UX/UI to assist in accelerating engagement rates.

Finally, Ovum believes that building a vertically integrated partner ecosystem across the content supply chain (from media acquisition, archiving, preparation, monetization, distribution to engagement) is vital for cloud TV and video platforms, but that a clustered (business value-based) roadmap is the way ahead.



Kedar Mohite, Principal Consultant, Media & Broadcast Technology Services

[email protected]