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As systems increasingly communicate directly with each other in the cloud, and DevOps comes into its own in the world of containers, the ability to manage privileges takes on a whole new significance.


  • In both corporate data centers and the cloud, east–west traffic (i.e., server-to-server communications) begins to outweigh the north–south variety of server-to-client or server-to-external systems flows. Automated processes are now consuming the accounts that people used to use.

Features and Benefits

  • Describes where privileges are used in cloud environments.
  • Explains why managing privileged access in the container world is even more critical than with VMs.

Key questions answered

  • How is PAM used in VM environments?
  • How will PAM's use differ in containerized environments?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • PAM started out managing the access rights of humans
  • Now nonhuman privileges emerge
  • PAM can limit privileges for containers and manage secrets
  • Privileged containers are a security risk
  • CyberArk's three-pronged approach to container security
  • Shift left favors the adoption of PAM for containers


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