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Last year saw a modest increase in music retail sales in Spain, but this year has so far been a different story, with total sales benefiting from both digital and physical growth.


  • Spain is one of Europe's midtier music markets. The country's recorded-music sector has been one of the region's worst hit by digital piracy since the turn of the century. Although piracy levels are still high, spending on recorded music is starting to recover.

Features and Benefits

  • Details all the main sectors of Spain's music industry.
  • Focuses on recorded music, music retail, rights administration and copyright, and live sales.

Key questions answered

  • How does the recorded-music sector in Spain compare to live in terms of sales?
  • How were SGAE's collections in 2018 affected by its ongoing problems of reform?

Table of contents

Recorded music

  • The return to growth for the Spanish recorded-music sector

Music retail

  • Evolving digital music retail sector
  • Assessing Spain's future digital music opportunity

Copyright protection and rights administration

  • Piracy rates on the decline
  • Royalty collections


  • Live sales continue to rise


  • Methodology
  • Author