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The recent IoT World 2018 event in Santa Clara foregrounded developments in IoT consulting and security, as well as digital infrastructure and smart cities trends.


  • IoT consulting is on the rise, with many vendors and providers discussing how they are developing more sophisticated and high-end consulting capabilities to help enterprise customers plan, build, and launch successful IoT programs.
  • The consensus was that LPWAN will be transformational due to its low cost and easy deployment, but disagreement remains on the viability and appropriateness of the different LPWAN standards, and Ovum expects multiple standards to persist.
  • Smart cities/communities are being used as more of an umbrella theme or program that must include multiple use cases to validate the business case and deliver ROI.

Features and Benefits

  • Highlights key trends and takeaways from this major industry event.
  • Discusses IoT infrastructure trends including LPWAN and private LTE, as well as innovative use cases and business models for these.
  • Presents key discussion points around smart cities, including project scales, funding challenges, and the use of 5G as a springboard.

Key questions answered

  • What were the most important trends and developments discussed at IoT World?
  • What are the implications of these, particularly with regard to IoT consulting, security, infrastructure and standards, and smart cities?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Key trends and takeaways
  • IoT infrastructure: LPWAN diversity, private LTE, and 5G questions
  • Smart cities players must take the long view as they strive to move beyond PoCs
  • Recommendations


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