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This tracker provides an updated list of investments and acquisitions in the IoT space by companies in the technology, telco (CSP), and consumer electronics industries. This update includes deals announced through to June 30, 2018.


  • Analysis and charting of the most important trends in IoT deals and investments by technology firms, CSPs, and industrial/consumer players.
  • Details of deals including company names and locations, type of IoT product or service, relevant verticals and technologies, and investment amounts.

Features and Benefits

  • Enables tracking of deal trends over time to "follow the money" in the IoT market.
  • Supports analysis of IoT investment strategies of competitors and partners in the market. Activities of all leading tech firms and CSPs are tracked, as well as geographic location and company type.
  • Analyzes which verticals, technologies, and use cases are receiving the most attention from industry investors.
  • Provides a one-stop source for IoT investment information focused on the activities of leading technology, industrial, and consumer electronics companies.

Key questions answered

  • Which areas of the IoT are attracting the most investment by technology players and CSPs?
  • Which players and regions are most actively involved in IoT acquisitions and direct investment?
  • Which technologies, verticals, and use cases are "hot" from an investment and acquisition point of view, and how is this changing over time?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: IoT Investments Tracker: 2H18