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Measured in billions of dollars, devices and even decisions, IoT is moving beyond the hype and is playing a growing and important role in countering the COVID-19 threat.


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This report, brought to you by Omdia – the new global technology research powerhouse - will provide you with a detailed and holistic overview of the current IoT marketplace, as we tackle the challenges of COVID-19 and assess the future opportunities available across the ecosystem.


What's included?

IoT represents a broad paradigm shift for all participants in the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) value chain. This shift is creating new data sources, new opportunities for value creation, and new business models as more and more devices become connected, linking disparate industries and markets ranging from industrial manufacturing to integrated circuits, from connected cities to consumer electronics, and beyond.

To understand and seize the IoT opportunity, market players need a fully-informed forward view on modules and chipsets, 5G and edge, AI and cybersecurity. It’s also key to understand the variety and needs of key end user markets, including automotive, industrial, consumers and smart cities. This indispensable IoT analysis, now in its fourth annual edition, is produced by Omdia – the new technology, media, and telecommunications research brand that is connecting the dots, identifying business opportunities, revealing risk, and delivering the data and insight that is essential to successful business decisions.

Key highlights from this industry report include:

  • Moving IoT from hype to reality – understand enterprise customers’ requirements, challenges and strategies to deliver realistic and profitable adoption.

  • Discovering the opportunities within IoT connectivity, including the global 5G value chain and its impact on IoT and mission-critical services; satellite IoT adoption; and LPWAN trends.

  • Reshaping the automotive landscape – new growth opportunities and how the market is moving towards autonomous vehicles.

  • From smart homes to smart cities – resolving the challenges and identifying the opportunities.

  • The growing impact of industrial IoT, and how it links to IoT cybersecurity challenges.