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Successfully competing within the enterprise network and connectivity services market (hereafter referred to as the "private line" market) requires continued efforts from network service providers to engage with their enterprise customers on completely new levels. The current state of service providers' private line portfolios is very dynamic.

  • Providers are adapting to the digital transformations of enterprise customers, which requires them to expand their portfolio and innovate by investing in products such as software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) and Cloud Connect. 

  • Others are reacting by developing strategic relationships with global internet service providers (ISPs) to expand their coverage and reach, or by creating virtualized laboratories to collaborate with enterprise customers on customized solutions that satisfy their requirements.

  • This growth in innovative solutions extends to managed services, giving enterprise customers control and visibility over their network performance. Enterprises can then demand better-suited service-level agreements (SLAs) such as time to market, time to repair, and bandwidth on demand (BoD).

  • The future of the enterprise private line market will be highly differentiated, with SLA-focused enterprise customers that demand more customized solutions for their complex digital businesses.

This Ovum white paper examines private line trends and what they mean for enterprises. It includes examples of innovative platform and service features implemented by the world's largest, forwardthinking network service providers. The purpose of this white paper is to inform enterprises about new industry innovations. Companies can use this information to evaluate and compare with the platforms, services, and features offered by their own service provider partners and prospects.

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Enterprises are adjusting and evolving through their digital transformation journey to remain competitive in highly dynamic business environments. The private line portfolio of enterprises is commanding similar adjustments to support the move of critical applications from local data centers to the cloud. The purpose of this white paper is to understand the key trends, the size of the market, and growth potential for enterprise private line portfolios. As part of this white paper, Ovum interviewed top-tier network service providers about their product portfolio, how they are innovating to meet the evolving needs of enterprise customers and where there exist key differentiations in strategic approach.

Innovating the Enterprise Private Line Portfolio ph

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