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Informatica’s CLAIRE AI engine, which operates on a unified metadata layer that underpins the Informatica product portfolio, is rapidly maturing and getting embedded into an increasing number of Informatica product offerings, driving compliance.


  • A recurring theme at the Informatica World 2018 annual conference was the maturation/expansion of the CLAIRE AI capabilities and the embedding of AI functionality into specific products.
  • Informatica is well-positioned to leverage the AI capabilities of CLAIRE in its products thanks to the enterprise unified metadata layer that underpins its portfolio.
  • Informatica’s new data privacy and protection solution, which was also announced with the spring 2018 release, is composed of several fully integrated products underpinned by CLAIRE AI.

Features and Benefits

  • Assesses the maturation of the CLAIRE AI engine and compares its current capabilities to its original release.
  • Identifies products in the Informatica portfolio that have recently been fully integrated, and discusses the impact of this integration.
  • Assesses the Informatica data privacy and protection solution, identifying use cases for CLAIRE AI within the solution.
  • Identifies and describes the individual Informatica product offerings that make up the Informatica data privacy and protection solution.
  • Analyzes the role of AI and automation in enterprise compliance initiatives, such as those for GDPR compliance.

Key questions answered

  • How has CLAIRE AI's role in the Informatica portfolio matured and changed since CLAIRE was announced in May 2017?
  • Which Informatica products have recently become fully integrated with each other, and how does this affect compliance functionality?
  • How does Informatica's unified enterprise metadata layer facilitate the embedding of AI capabilities in Informatica products?
  • What is Informatica's data privacy and protection solution, and what Informatica products is the solution composed of?
  • Why will automation and AI be critical to meeting the compliance requirements of data privacy and data protection mandates such as GDPR?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • CLAIRE AI matures from concept to reality, driving functionality
  • A suite of integrated privacy products, bound by metadata
  • Automation will be critical to scale enterprise compliance efforts


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