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Indonesia is one of a number of countries in Asia that is considered by music companies to represent real prospects for future growth.


  • Early signs are that subscription services are starting to resonate with consumers, and there is already a high degree of competition between local and international services.

Features and Benefits

  • Details all aspects of the Indonesian music industry.
  • Looks at recorded-music sales, the digital retail sector, total addressable market size, and the live sector.

Key questions answered

  • What share of music retail sales currently comes from music access services?
  • How big is Indonesia's live music sector?

Table of contents

Recorded music

  • Healthy rise in retail sales continues
  • Record companies

Music retail

  • Competition for music subscribers heats up
  • Assessing Indonesia's digital music opportunity

Copyright protection and rights administration

  • Improvements to market access and internet enforcement
  • Royalty collections


  • Methodology
  • Author