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This research note highlights examples of operators in Asia that offer mobile–fixed bundles. Operators seeking success with this move should rely on a value-add strategy rather than on discounts, to strengthen the perceived value of the existing service bundle without the risk of cannibalizing any existing revenues.


  • In many markets where disrupters have introduced intense competition in the mobile market, service providers first reacted by indulging their customers with heavy service discounts to remain competitive. As an alternative to price competition, some operators have followed a different strategy: bundling mobile with fixed services and giving themselves an advantage over mobile-only operators.
  • Within bundling strategies, Ovum believes a value-add strategy should take preference over introducing discounts on the mobile component in the service bundle. Ovum notes that mobile–fixed bundles are an important point of service differentiation and a way for service providers to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Many operators choose to offer discounts on mobile lines, while only Malaysia’s Maxis and Thailand’s AIS rely on non-price-related incentives to attract high-value subscribers to their mobile and fixed service bundles.

Features and Benefits

  • Learn how converged operators relied on their strength in the fixed broadband market to avoid direct pricing wars in mobile services.
  • Understand how bundling fixed broadband can offer an advantage over mobile-only players.

Key questions answered

  • How can mobile–fixed bundles offer a competitive advantage against a low-priced disrupter in mobile markets?
  • What strategies have successful operators adopted for their mobile–fixed bundles?
  • How are converged operators using mobile–fixed bundles to retain high-value mobile subscribers?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Adding fixed component in the bundle could be instrumental in keeping high-value customers
  • Bundling fixed services can provide asymmetric advantage in an increasingly competitive mobile market
  • We recommend MNOs avoid a discount strategy in favor of a value-add strategy of mobile–fixed bundling


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