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India is one of a small number of countries often tagged as an emerging market with great potential to become a major market of the future.


  • Developments in the last couple of years have suggested that streaming may be the way out of the piracy problem, but the road to prolonged higher sales and meaningful returns is likely to be a long one.

Features and Benefits

  • Details all the major sectors of the Indian music industry.
  • Assesses recorded-music sales, music retail, total addressable market considerations for digital music services, copyright and rights administration, and the live music sector.

Key questions answered

  • What share of recorded-music retail sales were generated by access services in 2018?
  • What improvements has the Indian government made to limit music piracy in the country?

Table of contents

Recorded music

  • India beginning to realize its music sales potential
  • Music companies

Music retail

  • Access breathing new life into recorded-music consumption
  • Assessing India's digital music opportunity

Copyright protection and rights administration

  • A major piracy market but optimism for improvement
  • Webcast and streaming gains boost IPRS collections


  • Arena shortages limit international artist performances
  • Modest festival sector


  • Methodology
  • Author