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IBM recently announced the availability of IBM Watson Studio, a single, cloud-based environment providing a suite of tools to leverage data and build, train, and deploy machine-learning and deep-learning models at scale.


  • Watson Studio embeds Data Refinery, which allows for seamless self-service data access and data prep without switching between products.
  • Watson Studio also embeds Watson Knowledge Catalog, AI-driven data catalog functionality that allows users to quickly and easily find the data they need while maintaining governance controls.
  • Watson Studio's strength is its platform approach. With data science, deep learning, data prep, and data catalog all in a single platform, users can access and leverage governed data for input into models without transitioning between interfaces or products.

Features and Benefits

  • Assesses the data governance capabilities in Watson Studio and its embedded Data Refinery and Watson Knowledge Catalog functionality.
  • Compares the IBM Watson Studio offering to its predecessor, IBM DSX.
  • Highlights the capabilities of the Watson Studio environment that help enterprises comply with data protection directives.
  • Identifies the core audience of end users that would typically engage with the Watson Studio offering.
  • Evaluates the key governance challenges that arise from scaling and operationalizing data science within the enterprise.

Key questions answered

  • How is IBM Watson Studio different from the IBM DSX workbench offering?
  • Why does the data science workflow in the enterprise need access to a pool of well-governed data?
  • How can Watson Studio help enterprises comply with data privacy and data protection directives such as GDPR, which require the anonymization of personal data?
  • Why does a single-platform approach to data science and data catalog help bolster efforts in data protection and data privacy compliance?
  • How do the Data Refinery and Watson Knowledge Catalog offerings fit under the umbrella of the Watson Studio product offering? Are they available as standalone products?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • A collaborative ecosystem enabling self-service data science
  • Data Refinery enables ready access to quality, prepped data
  • Watson Knowledge Catalog enables key governance features


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