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Huawei confirmed 10G PON upgrades with numerous operators in Asia-Pacific, EMEA, and Latin America during its April Analyst Summit in Shenzhen. Huawei's support extends beyond China Telecom, China Mobile, Singtel, and PCCW, to SK Broadband, Swisscom, Etisalat, Openreach, and Telecom Fiji, along with others that are not publicly announced yet.

Diverse drivers for 10G PON

There is no single driver for 10G PON network deployments, reflecting the diversity in the broadband access market, from operator to operator, let alone from country to country. There are three major drivers in China, namely cloud-based VR, smart city applications, and private networks.

  • Both China Telecom and China Mobile are rolling out 4K cloud-based VR residential services, eliminating the need for in-home processing and storage devices. Recently, China Mobile Shanghai announced its "Dual-Gigabit First City" plan, which will support gigabit home broadband and 5G services together.

  • For smart city applications in China, 10G PON is supporting a wide range of initiatives, such as traffic sensors and cameras for improved traffic flow and road safety, along with public safety monitoring and security. Shanghai Telecom, a China Telecom subsidiary, was one of the first to begin citywide 10G network upgrades.

  • China Mobile Chongquing is upgrading to 10G PON to support dedicated government and enterprise networks which have latency and bandwidth-sensitive applications, such as financial services.

In many countries, including Japan, South Korea, and Switzerland, competition for the highest bandwidth offering has become a basic driver for 10G upgrades. Swisscom is upgrading to 10G PON and is once again partnering with Huawei for zero-touch provisioning, encompassing OSS integration and subscriber-installed ONTs.

Operator plans for 10G upgrades are diverse, ranging from residential applications and bandwidth offerings to business services, and from smart cities to 5G xHaul. Huawei will continue to support the diverse applications in numerous countries throughout the world.


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Julie Kunstler, Principal Analyst, Service Provider Technology

[email protected]