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At ServiceNow's annual conference, Knowledge 2019, the company announced a range of new capabilities, but a key focus was mobility, and more specifically, how the Now Platform is evolving to better support the demands of the mobile worker.


  • For years, mobility has been a challenge for ServiceNow but, at Knowledge 2019, the company unveiled a variety of compelling low-code and mobile workflow capabilities that demonstrate real commitment to, and understanding of, the opportunities associated with the mobile workforce.

Features and Benefits

  • Evaluates how the Now Platform has evolved into a solution that supports enterprises' efforts to improve employee experiences.
  • Discusses the planned verticalization of the Now Platform, specficially around the opportunities identified in better enabling telcos.
  • Analyses the improvements made to the solution that can help empower and enable the mobile workforce.

Key questions answered

  • Is the ServiceNow platform still mainly aimed at IT, or does it provide broader enterprise value?
  • Why do Ovum feel the ServiceNow platform is of value to both telcos and IT service providers?
  • How is ServiceNow supporting businesses looking to digitize the workspace and improve employee experience?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Enabling the mobile workforce
  • The CMDB is of renewed importance
  • Improving employee and customer experiences by integrating siloed systems and applications
  • A verticalized ServiceNow offering to support telcos in improving customer service will soon be available


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