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SMS remains a key communications channel for consumers. It is valued for its reach, reliability and universal availability on mobile phones, even as communications apps become increasingly popular. Brands and operators need to assess how they can use or enable SMS, respectively, to optimize the customer experience and generate increased value for their business.

Enterprises have not taken full advantage of the benefits that SMS can offer as a means of customer interaction, particularly when used as part of an omni-channel communications strategy. The increase in traffic that could result represents an opportunity for operators. However, operators need to do more to maximize this opportunity. They should optimize their networks and provide high-quality SMS interconnection services to brands, protect themselves against fraud and spam, and recover revenues lost to grey routes and SIM farms.

Join us for a live, interactive webinar where Ovum and SAP will discuss questions such as: 

  • Why is SMS relevant to enterprises?
  • How does application-to-person (A2P) SMS fit into an enterprise’s omni-channel communications strategy?
  • How do grey routes and SIM farms affect both enterprises and operators?
  • What can operators do to improve A2P SMS delivery services for enterprises?
  • Is it possible for operators to work more closely with brands to provide enterprise messaging services?
  • How can operators best develop the capabilities to support the growth of A2P traffic and revenue?


Realising the Enterprise Messaging Opportunity from Ovum on Vimeo.

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