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Google recently announced its inaugural step into the contact center marketplace – its Google Contact Center AI offering – though it is unclear whether it will maintain its partnering posture or broaden its strategy going forward.


  • As if the existing "coopetition" in this fast-growing customer engagement marketplace was not already making the market complex enough, Google recently announced, simultaneously with several cloud contact center providers, that its new Contact Center AI solution will become the artificial intelligence (AI) "brain" of these competing contact center vendors' offerings.

Features and Benefits

  • Assesses the effect that several new disruptive customer engagement offerings will have on current vendors.
  • Evaluates the ability and willingness of today's market-leading vendors to counteract the disruptive efforts of their partners.

Key questions answered

  • Will newer disruptive cloud contact center companies be satisfied with "coopetition" or seek larger long-term rewards?
  • Should today's contact center vendors join in "coopetition" agreements or invest more heavily in their own R&D and branding efforts?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • New market disruptors will redefine the industry
  • Current success does not guarantee future success
  • With less product differentiation, strong branding is crucial


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