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Google's ambition to be truly everywhere has never been clearer. During and around I/O 2019, the digital ad giant detailed plans to extend its reach across multiple geographical, technological, and industry domains.


  • The company detailed plans to reach more consumers in developing markets, extend in digital and traditional advertising segments, grow its share of existing and emerging smart devices, and monetize augmented reality (AR), mobile commerce, and other new digital experiences.

Features and Benefits

  • Identify strategies to counter or harness Google's moves to your advantage.
  • Learn what Google's most important launches at I/O were and why.
  • Understand what impact each key announcement will have on the wider market.

Key questions answered

  • What does Google need to do to succeed with its latest AI innovations?
  • Which new technologies will be key for Google to keep winning in advertising?
  • How will Google harness AR to drive reach and revenues?
  • Will Google's smart home revamp give it an edge over Amazon?
  • What is the outlook for Pixel, Android TV, Nest, and other Google hardware?

Table of contents


  • Catalyst
  • Ovum view
  • Key messages
  • Recommendations

Consumer AI

  • Google is right to focus on building customers' trust in AI


  • Google is well placed to seek new growth in new and old advertising markets

Mobile AR

  • AR will be key to dominating search and maximizing scale

Smart home

  • Despite its smart home revamp, Google will still be playing catch-up


  • Google wants to play more than a bit part in the smartphone market

Video gaming

  • Google is on a quest to make Google Play more attractive to and lucrative for game developers

Smart TV devices

  • The Android TV ecosystem will evolve much slower than Android mobile


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