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The big five global telcos have reported final-quarter earnings for 2017, with BT, Deutsche Telekom, and Orange reporting in February after AT&T and Verizon the previous month. Enterprise services revenues are in decline, but margins may be stabilizing.


  • Telcos are setting their sights on different margin targets for their enterprise services units.

Features and Benefits

  • Analyzes deal segmentation strategies of global telcos.
  • Compares global telco enterprise services revenues.
  • Shows margin performance of key telco players in global services.

Key questions answered

  • What should telecoms operators do with global services business units?
  • Where should global services providers focus on requirements in the enterprise sector?

Table of contents


  • Catalyst
  • Ovum view
  • Recommendations

Market outlook

  • Global telcos are running to keep up in enterprise services
  • Say it quietly: Margins could be improving
  • Telcos have yet to work out the deal size/profit equation


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