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This tracker summarizes bundled service deals that combine premium OTT video with broadband access or pay TV, with package options and the cost of each option provided where available.


  • Over 400 service bundling and/or integration partnerships tracked across more than 145 network operators (including mobile, fixed broadband, and pay-TV operators) and 100 OTT video services in 79 countries.
  • Additional data points include categorization of bundle and partnership types, relevant distribution channels, carrier billing, set-top-box integration, and mobile data packaging.
  • Provides global, regional, and country breakdowns; global summary statistics charts; and a regional graphical breakdown of OTT video partners.

Features and Benefits

  • Identify key headline trends in OTT video service bundling and partnerships with operators.
  • Understand the range and types of operator–OTT video bundling or integration partnerships in a given geography, with the ability to drill down on the specifics of each service alliance.
  • Determine which OTT video players are leading the way in cutting deals with operators and conversely and which network operators are partnering with OTTs, as well as the nature of those partnerships.
  • Address specific queries by using the tracker's filtering function to isolate specific players or key data points (such as bundle/partnership type, distribution channel, or STB integration).
  • Identify offers with mobile data packaging and when the most recent changes in a partnership have occurred.

Key questions answered

  • Which network operators and OTT video providers are the most active with regard to striking up partnerships and service bundling arrangements?
  • In which geographic markets are such deals most prevalent and how has this changed over time?
  • What proportion of partnerships are based on tariff bundling as opposed to service integration, pure marketing alliances, and/or zero-rated offers?
  • What is the nature of the service bundles resulting from these partnerships (i.e., hard versus soft bundling)?
  • When was a given partnership initiated and when did the most recent development/s occur?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Global OTT Video Bundling Deals and Service Partnerships Tracker: 1Q18