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This report discusses key findings from Ovum's Global OTT Video Bundling Deals and Service Partnerships Tracker: 3Q18.


  • Operator–OTT video partnerships are deepening as well as proliferating. A significant proportion of the world's major telcos and pay-TV operators have already forged relationships with third-party OTT video providers, and as the initial upsurge of new alliances inevitably slows down, 2018 is seeing much more activity around the development and tightening of existing partnerships.
  • Bundling of third-party OTT video is becoming more prevalent. A substantial proportion of new and evolved partnerships have entailed service integrations through the incorporation of third-party OTT video into telcos' fixed broadband or multiplay tariff plans.
  • TV platform integrations of OTT video are spreading. While mobile remains by far the largest service distribution channel arising from such alliances, TV platform integrations are playing a steadily increasing role in the development of OTT video partnerships.

Features and Benefits

  • Understand the range and types of operator–OTT video partnerships in any given market.
  • Identify key trends in OTT video bundling deals and partnerships.
  • Learn how the mix of key partnership types has evolved over time.
  • Observe developments and changes in the nature of existing partnerships.

Key questions answered

  • Which network operators and OTT video providers are the most active in forming partnerships?
  • In which geographies are partnerships and deals most prevalent, and how has this changed over time?
  • What proportion of partnerships are based on tariff bundling versus service integration?
  • How can operators and OTT players get the most out of such partnerships?

Table of contents


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Focus shifts from forging new partnerships toward deepening existing alliances

  • Netflix maintains its lead as the most prolific partner
  • Amazon and Fox continue forging new friendships
  • Geographical distribution of partnerships

Partnership types and distribution channels

  • Data bolt-ons are more prevalent than zero-rated streaming offers
  • Bundling of OTT video into operator tariffs is on the increase
  • Deepening alliances through hard bundling, carrier billing, and STB integration
  • Fixed broadband is gaining ground as a partnership channel


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