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This report discusses key findings from Ovum's Global OTT Video Bundling Deals and Service Partnerships Tracker: 1Q18


  • Operator–OTT video partnerships continue to proliferate. The number of alliances between network-based operator-distributors and providers of paid online video entertainment services has risen dramatically since 2015.
  • While Netflix remains far and away the most prolific OTT video service partner, a growing number of regional players are boosting their presence in specific geographies by partnering with local telcos and catering for local consumers with local content
  • TV STB implementations and fixed broadband bundling are playing a steadily increasing role in the development of OTT video partnerships, but mobile has grown dramatically to become by far the largest service distribution channel arising from such alliances.

Features and Benefits

  • Understand the range and types of operator–OTT video partnerships in any given market.
  • Identify key trends in OTT video bundling deals and partnerships.
  • Learn how the mix of key partnership types has evolved over time.

Key questions answered

  • Which network operators and OTT video providers are the most active in forming partnerships?
  • In which geographies are partnerships and deals most prevalent, and how has this changed over time?
  • What proportion of partnerships are based on tariff bundling versus service integration?
  • How can operators and OTT players get the most out of such partnerships?

Table of contents


  • In brief
  • Ovum view
  • Recommendations

Current scenario

  • An upsurge in partnership activity since 2016
  • Geographical distribution of partnerships

Bundle types

  • Most partnerships involve no tariff bundling element

Partnership types

  • Carrier billing and STB integration create deeper alliances
  • Marketing initiatives are an essential first step

Distribution channels

  • Mobile is the dominant partnership channel

Service integration

  • Carrier billing facilitates customer sign-up and OTT service payments
  • STB integration enhances the OTT UX and delivers SVOD to a paying audience
  • Entertainment portals simplify access and payment


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