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The Global Multisubscription TV Forecast Report looks at the intersection of Ovum's traditional TV and OTT video forecasts, so allowing us to quantify and understand how households are collating video services from multiple providers.


  • As recently as 2014, 94% of household video choices were exclusively based around traditional TV. That figure has already dropped to below 80%, and Ovum forecasts that standalone traditional TV will account for just 68% of household video choices in 2023.
  • While options exclusively based on traditional TV continue to drop, OTT-based service combinations will grow. By 2023, 22% of households will be taking OTT video in combination with pay TV; up from just 6% in 2014.

Features and Benefits

  • Gain detailed data and forecasts showing how TV- and OTT-video penetration patterns are changing across 20 countries.
  • Assess how home entertainment choices are evolving as traditional pay-TV services face up against intense competition from OTT video giants such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Key questions answered

  • Will OTT video begin to make inroads as a standalone service, or will it continue to be supplemented by traditional TV?
  • Are there any cord-cutting benefits being shown by traditional pay-TV operators who have diversified into OTT-video provision?

Table of contents


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  • Download 1: Global Multisubscription TV Forecast Report: 2018–23