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Latest edition of Ovum’s carrier billing forecast, featuring new segmentation around telco-OTT bundling (music, video), media types (games, music, video), and media brands (Apple, Google). The forecast is split into nine vertical market segments, plus three subverticals, and 13 horizontal segments. All segments are broken out by 67 countries and eight regions.


  • Total carrier billing revenue – including services billed via bundling and other types of telco-OTT strategic partnerships – will grow from $45.7bn in 2018 to $79.5bn in 2023 globally. However, operators’ share of this revenue will continue to shrink over time, to just over 11% in 2023, equaling $8.7bn.
  • The share of carrier-billed digital goods and services revenue derived from Apple’s ecosystem has gone from virtually zero in 2015 to nearly 10% now and is forecast to grow to just under 17% in 2023. Google accounts for one-fifth of the market, but its share will grow only slightly over the next five years, to 23%.
  • Video games dominate carrier-billing revenue derived from digital goods and services, but their dominance will be eroded over time, with their share of the market decreasing from around 60% now to just over 51% in 2023 – while, at the same, OTT video’s share will increase from 6% to 20%.

Features and Benefits

  • Find out which market segments will spearhead growth in carrier-billed revenue over the next five years, and which will shrink.
  • Find out what share of the market Apple and Google will capture, as well as games, music, and video.

Key questions answered

  • Which market segments will spearhead growth in carrier-billed revenue over the next five years? Which will shrink?
  • What share of the market will Apple and Google capture? What about games, music, and video?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Global Carrier-Billing Forecast: 2018–23