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Genesys has acquired Altocloud Ltd., an Ireland-based privately held provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-based customer journey analytics applications. The combination of this proven customer journey analytics solution with Genesys' strong line-up of cloud-based customer engagement solutions will thrust Genesys to a higher level of competitiveness in the customer service marketplace.

The acquisition is a natural next step for Genesys

Despite recent technical and operational advances in multichannel contact centers, calling, emailing, or texting a company to ask a question, make a purchase, or request support is far from being a smooth and pleasurable event for most customers. As a result, many enterprises are searching for better processes and solutions to achieve a more successful interaction experience.

Genesys' acquisition of Altocloud is a major next step in improving the "customer journey" in contact centers interactions. Initial plans are for Genesys to integrate Altocloud's proven expertise in AI, predictive analytics, and customer journey management with the Genesys PureEngage solution in 2Q18 and gradually port these capabilities to the company's other cloud contact center offerings – PureCloud and PureConnect.

In recent years, other notable Genesys acquisitions have included Utopy (speech and text analytics), Angel (cloud-based IVR), and SoundBite (proactive outbound solutions). Earlier, Genesys had acquired Echopass, a cloud contact center vendor that built its technology on the Genesys platform and provided an initial step into the cloud marketplace. Although Genesys' customer base is still predominantly using its premises-based contact center technology, Genesys has achieved rapid growth in cloud solutions in the past few years.

Last year, Genesys introduced several improvements to advance the competitiveness of its products and services. These included use cases to empower customers with best practices; PureCloud System Status to add trust and transparency to the monitoring of customers' systems on the AWS network; and Kate, which was Genesys' initial entry into blended AI. The Altocloud acquisition is a logical next step for Genesys in expanding its AI and machine learning capabilities into customer journey analytics aimed at advancing customer/employee engagement applications to the next level.


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Ken Landoline, Principal Analyst, Customer Experience

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