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German authors’ society GEMA has reported its financial details for 2018. Although collections and distributions were unable to match the previous year's record levels, the underlying performance was positive.


  • Public performance and broadcasting, the two biggest collection sources, recorded another year of modest growth, while digital revenue grew sharply.

Features and Benefits

  • Details 2018 financials for German authors' society GEMA.
  • Examines collections by source and explains how the rise in digital recorded-music sales in the country have had a positive impact on digital collections.

Key questions answered

  • What share of royalty collections for authors in Germany are generated by digital sources?
  • What is the biggest revenue generator for authors and publishers in Germany?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Positive year for collections despite year-on-year decline
  • Steady performance for the main revenue sources
  • Digital collections reach new milestone


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